Poultry & Hog Nutrition

    Monogastric Nutrition

    Ritchie-Smith understands the economic challenges facing poultry and swine producers in BC.  BC is a grain and protein deficient province which results in substantial freight charges being added to commodities delivered to our mills. Consequently, feed rations in BC are inherently more costly relative to most other provinces in Canada. This reality has shaped Ritchie-Smith’s approach to poultry and swine formulation right from the beginning.

    Challenging the genetic potential of the animals we feed through optimal least cost formulation, while maximizing our customers’ bottom line is the cornerstone of our formulation philosophy.

    We are committed to manufacturing consistent, high quality products that provide superior performance. Our nutrition staff has extensive experience and will formulate innovative, custom nutrition solutions to meet our customers’ unique goals or challenges. Our staff is in constant contact with the technical resources at genetics companies, research universities, feed ingredient supply companies and with veterinarians to ensure our nutrition programs are “ahead of the pack”.

    Quality Control

    All our feed mills are HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and FeedAssureTM accredited by an independent third party to ensure accountability in our manufacturing processes.

    We use extensive ingredient analyses from an accredited laboratory to constantly monitor the quality of the products we use in our feeds. Finished feed products are routinely monitored and evaluated to verify that feed is manufactured precisely to our specifications.

    Sales Staff

    Our team of nine poultry and swine specialists is highly trained and experienced. They provide our customers with dependable technical service on the many facets of animal feeding, husbandry and health.

    We actively encourage our customers to accurately record flock or herd performance which enables them to verify the efficacy of our feeds and feeding programs on an on-going basis.

    Animal Health

    Healthy animals are in everyone’s best interest. We assist our customers in maintaining healthy flocks or herds by retaining the services of local veterinarians. We actively promote routine submissions either to local veterinarians or the provincial Animal Health Centre.

    This ensures that any developing health issues can be corrected and the animal health specialists are kept current on health issue trends.

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